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Dog day care as an employee benefit

Partner with 84 Acres to offer your London based employees best in class doggy day care, allowing them to focus on what they do best. 84 Acres offers several different types of partnership; ranging from exclusive promotional pricing (zero employer subsidy required) to a fully subsidised dog day care benefit scheme.


Join over a hundred happy doggy day care customers!

Fully Licenced

Uphold the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Animal Welfare licence TR00249/A_ANIM

Large Catchment Area

Door step collection via our Pet Shuttles that service most London locations

Unlock 25%+ Savings

Make dog day care accesible to your workforce with exclusive pricing of at least 25% off

Happy Pets = Happy Workers

Dog friendly offices work, but dedicated day care facilities work better - providing our furry friends an environment designed for them, the great outdoors.

Our concierge key holding service allows for seemless door step collection and drop-off even when work priorities might call early or late for your comitted workforce.

Your workforce can be free from the bounds of time restraints associated with pet ownership, allowing them to become absorbed in their work. Less stress, greater productivity and better job satisifcation.


Work from office now becomes enjoyable for your staff without the guilt associated with that of leaving their furry companion for a whole day. 


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