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Doggy Daycare with London
Pet Shuttle

55mins from Central London | 84 Acre Country Estate | Safe, Echriching Dog Care with Professional Trainers | Animal Welfare License No. TR00249/A_ANIM 

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84 Acres. Safe, echriching dog day

Small Groups

Safe and Secure Space

All Day Fun and Learning

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Price List

London Pet Shuttle*:

£37.50 /day (Inc. VAT)

*Paddington, Nottinghill, Holland Park, Hammersmith, Belgravia, Kensginton, Chelsea, Fulham, Sloane Square, Pimlico, Battersea, Acton, St John's Wood,  Clapham, Wandsworth, Barnes, Putney, Richmond, North London and other areas. See the full list we cover


N.B. All bookings are subject to a recurring booking / monthly processing fee and congestion charge areas are subject to a £7 /day surcharge

Local Self-Drop:

£25 /day (Inc. VAT)

Launch date TBC

Contact Us

The best way to reach out is via the online form below

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



8:30am – 5:30pm



Safety - Training - Enrichment

The Facility

"Hogwarts for Dogs"

  • 84 acres of secure open space less than 1 hour away from Central London

  • Dedicated outdoor 6ft high, dig proof fenced areas, including a puppy day care zone

  • Bespoke indoor temperate controlled doggy cottage - "Kennel Cottage" - metres away from the main manor house

  • Enrichment zones and activities + free of charge training as part of the day care routine

  • Bespoke Pet Shuttle

  • Professional loving carers

  • Stimulating sights and smells

  • Home time rinse & warm shower

  • Photos & videos of your dog

Training & Enrichment - Foundational to our day care approach

  • Basic manners and obedience training

  • Professional dog trainers head-hunted from a leading dog day care training school

  • Thoughtful and stimulating enrichment activites

  • Hapiness and enrichment at the core of our dog care to promote positive behaviours

Our Pet Shuttles transport your dog from the city to the countryside securely and in ultimate comfort & safety
  • Individual large crates with memory foam mattresses and blankets

  • A/C temperature controlled

  • VW Crafter LWB (automatic) vans with radar anti-collision technology

  • Double door entry and exit to ensure maximum safety and security (two-door rule).

  • The cages do not abut the edge of the van allowing a safe space between the van door and the cage door (un)loading. Click below to learn more

Tried, Trusted & Experienced

Animal Welfare Licence: TR00249/A_ANIM

“Our Ollie is a very loved pup of two jet setting execs and we are grateful for 84 Acres and the care he receives when we are away. It was both heart warming and crushing to see Ollie run off and hop in the van without hesitation. A clear sign he truly loves it there”

Dawn-Marie, Holland Park

“Our dog Laika loves coming to 84 Acres - she’s excited for the day and eager to hop in the Pet Shuttle. After only a few weeks she's made many long lasting doggy friendships! It's a shame 84 Acres are only Mon-Fri as I'm sure she would chose to go everyday if she could!”

Simona, Sloane Square

“We first visited on an open day to check out the site and it’s as beautiful, green and vast as you can see on the photos! The guys were super friendly, very knowledgeable and energetic. Ever since, our dog gets picked up by the lovely Toby in West London 5 times a week, we get photos of him via whatsapp and he looks like he’s having the time of his life! It’s like doggy daycare at Hogwarts. Really brilliant.”

Tibu, Soho

“I highly recommend Toby's doggy daycare service for anyone looking for a safe and fun environment for their furry friend. Toby picks up and drops off my dog Tails, and sends me photo updates of him having a blast with the other dogs. The open space is huge and perfect for dogs to run around and play, but they also have enrichment programs to keep them mentally stimulated on rainy days or just for daily fun. If you're looking for a reliable and caring doggy daycare, look no further.”

Hamad, Knightsbridge

“Toby and the team have been fantastic with our dog Oscar. Oscar is a rescue from Bulgaria and very anxious with new people. We never anticipated that he would be able to handle daycare but after attending an open day we resolved to try. For the past few months Oscar has attended twice a week and loves it. It has been a huge help to us and has helped him in learning to trust new people!”

Luke, Nottinghill

“My pups Daisy and Poppy have an absolute blast at 84 acres. Both dogs come back happy and sleepy from a day of playing and interacting with other pups. All the staff are great and really good with both dogs who are definitely vastly different in personality.”

Charlotte, Belgravia

Safeguarding Dogs & Puppies

Safety is our number one priority. We have formulated a robust safeguarding policy to ensure the ultimate wellbeing of your precious companion and demontrate our commitment to safety

Two dogs

Enrolment Process



  • Start with a general enquiry

  • A long form admission form will follow and include all the necessary enrolment information

  • Puppies and adult dogs can be accepted

  • In-tact dogs can be admitted

  • Up to date vaccines or titre tests required

  • We have a zero tolerance policy on aggression in any situation or setting


Speak and Greet

  • Providing your dog or puppy is suitable to be admitted and enrol in 84 Acres we can continue our dialogue and get to know you and your dog better

  • You can take the time to explore our social media and discuss any questions with our team members

  • We're happy to chat over the phone, email or text!


Trial Month

  • Bookings are made and paid upfront on a rolling 4 weekly basis, with a 1 day per week minimum attendance policy

  • The first month will be refundable at any point given the trial nature

  • Depending on how your dog settles in we may recommend other more suitable care options such as group classes or dog walkers; any un-used days will be refunded


I'm Toby, Founder of 84 Acres

At 84 Acres we recruit carers who are passionate about animals, loving, patient and motivated to ensure your dog learns everyday they are in our care. I'm personally onsite everyday and lead the team.

  • Trained and doggy day care experts

  • Continued professional development with an industry leading education programme

  • Natural and fluent in dog

  • Passionate expertise and experienced

  • Focus on individualised care within small groups


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Discover the FAQ page of 84 Acres Canine Country Club, London's leading dog day care provider. Find answers to your questions here.

What breed of dog should I get?

Learn and discover different breeds

We love dogs and get to experience multiple different breeds on a daily basis with approx. 100 enrolled doggies. 

Dalmatian Dog
Image by Calvin Hanson


This autumn we bring you a deep dive into our favourite locations (just 45mins away from our facility):

Situated in the elegant heart of West London, Notting Hill is more than just a location—it's an experience. Renowned for its rich history, colourful streets, and distinctive charm, Notting Hill captures the essence of both vintage London and contemporary cosmopolitan flair.

At the core of Notting Hill's allure is the famous Portobello Road Market. An ever-evolving mosaic of antiques, vintage fashion, artisanal goods, and global cuisines, this market is a weekly rendezvous for both locals and tourists. It offers a journey through time, from trinkets of the past to the avant-garde designs of the present.

For the lovers of serenity amidst urban hustle, Notting Hill offers sanctuaries like Holland Park. This park, with its meticulously designed Kyoto Garden, introduces a slice of Japanese tranquillity to London's landscape. The harmonious blend of flora, fauna, and water features makes it a preferred retreat for those in search of peace.

With excellent transport links connecting it to every corner of London, Notting Hill remains accessible and ever-inviting. This district offers a harmonious blend of the old and the new, traditional and contemporary, creating a living tapestry of experiences that are unmistakably and unforgettably London.

Mission statement

Passionate expertise

At 84 Acres Canine Country Club, our mission is to provide exceptional care, a nurturing environment, and enriching experiences for the dogs of London residents. We are dedicated to creating a safe and engaging space where dogs can thrive, socialize, and enjoy their day care experience to the fullest.

Our commitment begins with a passionate team of trained professionals who genuinely care for the well-being and happiness of every dog entrusted to our care. With their expertise and love for animals, we ensure that each dog receives personalized attention, individualized care, and a warm, welcoming environment.

We pride ourselves on our expansive 84-acre property, thoughtfully designed to provide ample space for dogs to play, run, and explore. Our facilities feature separate play areas for small and large dogs, allowing for safe and enjoyable interactions. Through a range of engaging activities, including interactive toys, agility courses, and supervised group play sessions, we promote physical exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization among our furry guests.

At 84 Acres Canine Country Club, we prioritize safety above all else. Our secure fencing, vigilant staff, and adherence to best practices ensure a secure environment for dogs to thrive and for pet owners to have peace of mind. We strive to exceed industry standards in maintaining a clean, well-maintained facility that promotes the health and hygiene of every dog in our care.

As a doggy day care exclusively designed for London residents, we understand the unique needs of urban pet owners. With our convenient location and flexible operating hours, we aim to provide ease and convenience in drop-off and pick-up, fitting seamlessly into the busy lives of our valued customers.

Ultimately, our mission is to be the trusted destination for doggy day care in London. We believe that every dog deserves the highest quality of care, attention, and love, and we are committed to ensuring that they experience a fulfilling and joyful stay at 84 Acres Canine Country Club.

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