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Our enrichment program is meticulously designed and updated every c.8 weeks, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience for our canine guests.


This particular upcoming program, set to commence in July 2024, is featured on this webpage for your convenience and insight.

This program is the result of a collaborative and thoughtful process, involving input from various key stakeholders.


We actively seek and incorporate feedback from dog parents, valuing their firsthand insights about their pets' preferences and needs.


Our dedicated team, consisting of experienced caregivers and facility staff, also plays a significant role in shaping the program, drawing from their daily interactions with the dogs.

Furthermore, we consult with professional dog trainers, who bring a wealth of knowledge in canine behavior and training techniques.


Their expertise is instrumental in designing activities that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for the dogs' mental and physical well-being.

Most importantly, the dogs themselves are at the heart of our program formulation. We observe their behavior, preferences, and responses to different stimuli and activities.


This direct feedback from the dogs guides us in tailoring a program that is both stimulating and suitable for a diverse range of canine personalities and needs.

By combining these varied perspectives, our enrichment program is a well-rounded, dynamic, and dog-centric approach to daycare, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for every dog in our care.

Here's our latest enrichment schedule for dogs at 84 Acres daycare, starting from w/c 1st July 2024, focused on activities that cater to dogs' fundamental needs for mental stimulation, physical exercise, and social interaction:


w/c 1st July: Wimballdog

  • Serve up some fun with tennis-themed activities, including fetch matches, agility courses with rackets, and even dog-friendly "strawberries and cream" treats.


w/c 8th July: Cheese Delight

  • Indulge in a week of cheesy goodness with cheese-themed games, tasty cheese treats, and sniff-and-seek cheese hunts that will make every pup's tail wag.

w/c 15th July: Bubble Bliss

  • Experience the joy of bubbles with bubble-chasing sessions, bubble machines, and bubble-themed obstacle courses that will have dogs leaping with excitement.

w/c 22nd July: Glastonfurry Week

  • Get into the festival spirit with music, dog-friendly performances, and muddy play zones reminiscent of the iconic Glastonbury Festival.

w/c 29th July: Pawolympics

  • Compete in the ultimate canine games with a variety of athletic events including doggy sprints, high jumps, and tug-of-war, all designed to bring out the inner athlete in every pup.

w/c 5th August: Flower Week

  • Celebrate nature with floral-themed activities, including flower crown making, garden sniff-and-find games, and photo sessions in beautiful flower settings.

w/c 12th August: Arts & Crafts

  • Unleash creativity with paw painting, DIY dog toy workshops, and other crafty activities that let dogs express their artistic side.

w/c 19th August: Farm Yard Week

  • Explore the wonders of the farm with barnyard play areas, meet-and-greet sessions with friendly farm animals, and rustic-themed games.

w/c 26th August: Pups Abroad

  • Take a stay-at-site trip around the world with cultural activities, international treats, and themed games inspired by different countries and their canine traditions.

w/c 2nd September: Back 2 School

  • Gear up for learning with fun obedience training sessions, brain games, and educational activities that get pups ready for a new season of discovery.

w/c 9th September: Pawsage Week

  • End the summer with a sizzling celebration of all things sausage! Enjoy sausage-themed games, taste tests, and delicious sausage treats that will have every pup drooling for more.

Memory Lane: Our Enrichment Snapshots!

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