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Our enrichment program is meticulously designed and updated every 8 weeks, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience for our canine guests.


The upcoming program, set to commence in January 2024, is featured on this webpage for your convenience and insight.

This program is the result of a collaborative and thoughtful process, involving input from various key stakeholders.


We actively seek and incorporate feedback from dog parents, valuing their firsthand insights about their pets' preferences and needs.


Our dedicated team, consisting of experienced caregivers and facility staff, also plays a significant role in shaping the program, drawing from their daily interactions with the dogs.

Furthermore, we consult with professional dog trainers, who bring a wealth of knowledge in canine behavior and training techniques.


Their expertise is instrumental in designing activities that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for the dogs' mental and physical well-being.

Most importantly, the dogs themselves are at the heart of our program formulation. We observe their behavior, preferences, and responses to different stimuli and activities.


This direct feedback from the dogs guides us in tailoring a program that is both stimulating and suitable for a diverse range of canine personalities and needs.

By combining these varied perspectives, our enrichment program is a well-rounded, dynamic, and dog-centric approach to daycare, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for every dog in our care.

Week 1

- Introduction and Socialization Day: Allow dogs to interact in a controlled environment and get to know the class of 2024.

- Obstacle Course Fun: A simple agility course with tunnels and hurdles.


Week 2

- Bubble Pop Day: Levitating bubbles ready to be chased!.

- Basic Obedience Training: Focus on commands like sit, stay, and recall.


Week 3

- Tug-of-War Tournament: Encourage healthy competition with interactive tug-of-war games.

- Nature Trail Walk: Supervised nature walk around 84 Acres.


Week 4

- Brain Games Day: Introduce puzzle toys and activities to stimulate mental engagement.

- Free Play Day: Allow dogs to explore and play freely within our secure areas.


Week 5

- Agility Challenge: A more complex agility course to challenge dogs' agility and coordination.

- Yoga for Dogs: Gentle stretching and relaxation exercises for dogs.


Week 6

- Fetch Olympics: Variations of fetch games to enhance retrieval skills.

- Doggie Ice Cream Day: Dog-friendly frozen treats.


Week 7

- Scent Detection Games: Hide treats or toys for dogs to find using their sense of smell.

- Mini Bubble Pawty: Another day of bubble play for added excitement.


Week 8

- Doggie Art Day: Pet-friendly paints for a fun and messy art session.

- Closing Ceremony and Graduation: Celebrate the end of the syllabus with certificates and a group photo.

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