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Switch & SAVE

New customers* can discover 84 Acres with 6 months free unlimited doggy day care when switching from Bruce's, Acres 4 Dogs, Colin & Co, DogDaddies, Dog Stories, Man’s Best Friend Kensington & Chelsea, TW Dogs, or London Dog Club (fmrly City Paws Club).  Let us bring joy to your world 🎉

*only applicable to inquiries after Mar 2024 when quoting JOY in initial outreach. Other daycares may also be considered

Contact us today to enrol. Quote JOY.


Attend Bruce's, Acres 4 Dogs or another daycare?

If you currently attend Bruce's, Acres 4 Dogs or one of our other named daycare providers and switch to use 84 Acres exclusively you are eligible

 3+ months regular daycare history

If you have been using Bruce's, Acres 4 Dogs or one of our other named daycare providers for at least 3 months you are eligible

Attendance record of  2+ days per week

If you have been attending at least 2 days per week you are eligible

- Joy to your world -

Qoute JOY and enrol today 

Why switch & SAVE?

Everyone has their own reason, discover yours...




Is there any obligation to remain a customer after the 100% free promotional period?

- No, there is no obligation to remain a customer after the 6-month promotional period ends. We are confident in the quality of our service and believe you and your dog will love being a part of the 84 Acres family, but the decision to continue is entirely up to you.


Can I use the switch and SAVE promotion for more than one dog?

- Yes, the promotion applies to all dogs within the same household. However, each dog must be registered separately, and standard enrollment requirements apply to each pet.


Why are you running the switch and SAVE promotion? It seems too good to be true.

- We understand that our "Switch and SAVE" promotion might seem incredibly generous, but there's a genuine reason behind it. At 84 Acres Doggy Day Care, we are passionate about providing the best possible care for dogs and creating an environment where they can thrive. We believe that once pet owners experience the high standard of care, attention, and community we offer, they will want to continue being a part of the 84 Acres family.


What providers of doggy daycare are eligible for the switch & SAVE?

- Bruce's, Acres 4 Dogs, Colin & Co, DogDaddies, Dog Stories, Man’s Best Friend Kensington & Chelsea, TW Dogs, London Dog Club. Other daycares will be considered on a case-by-case basis so if you don't attend with one of the daycares listed above please still get in touch with us!

Learn more: switch & SAVE

Here's why we are offering switch & SAVE:​

  • To Build Trust: We want to give new customers the chance to experience our services without any financial commitment. This extended trial period helps build trust and showcases the quality of care we provide.

  • To Encourage Switching: We understand that changing your dog's daycare can be a big decision. By offering 6 months of free unlimited daycare, we aim to make that decision easier and more appealing.

  • To Enhance Socialization and Well-being: Regular attendance at daycare helps with a dog's socialization, behavior, and overall well-being. We believe in the benefits of frequent and consistent attendance and want to make it accessible for more dogs.

  • To Grow Our Community: We love seeing our community of dog owners and their pets grow. This promotion is also a way for us to welcome new members into our fold, enriching the diversity and vibrancy of our doggy daycare.

  • To Stand Out: In a competitive market, we want to stand out by offering something truly unique. We believe in the value of our services and are willing to invest in potential long-term relationships with new clients.


This promotion is our investment in potential lifelong customers who value the same high standards of pet care that we do. We're confident in the quality of our service and believe that this experience will speak for itself. We're excited to welcome new dogs and their owners to the 84 Acres family and to start this journey together.

This type of promotion is extremely common in all types of industries and below are a few examples you may have seen!

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  1. Telecommunications:

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    • Sprint vs. Verizon: In the past, Sprint launched a campaign that directly mentioned Verizon, challenging their network reliability claims and offering deals for Verizon customers to switch to Sprint.

  2. Fast Food:

    • Burger King vs. McDonald's: Burger King has run several campaigns directly targeting McDonald's customers. One notable example was the "Whopper Detour" campaign, where customers were encouraged to go near a McDonald's to unlock a deal for a 1-cent Whopper on the Burger King app.

  3. Supermarket:

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Example Industry Media

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