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London Dog Boarding FAQs

Welcome to the London dog boarding FAQ page of 84 Acres Canine Country Club, London's premier dog boarding provider. Here, we have compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions to provide you with all the information you need about our exceptional services.

Are you insured?

Yes. 84 Acres is insured professionally with specialist animal trade insurers. Our insurance covers public liability; day care, custody control and transportation of your dog.


Are you licenced?

Yes. 84 Acres has obtained all of the licences that are available to the business.


Can I meet the team and see the facilities before sending my dog?

Yes. We recommend you do this! Come and see the place in action. Meet the team, ask questions, see exactly where your dog will spend their day, who they'll be with, and what they'll be doing.


What happens if my dog doesn't get on with another dog?

84 Acres is extremely strict in only accepting social dogs. This ensures all of the dogs are happy in one another's company, so it's unlikely your dog will not get on with another dog. In fact, the dogs usually form their own social groups with dogs who enjoy similiar activities!


Do I need to book in the same days each week?

Yes, but you only need to commit to one fixed day each week. It is possible to add additional days as required.


My dog doesn't like crates or confined spaces, will he cope with travelling to and from the centre?

The crates are vet approved and have more space than necessary for even the bigger breeds. Very rarely do we find that the dogs have any issues with the van or crates, since it has a hugely positive association for them - it means they get to have a fun day running around with all their friends!

Have more questions?

  1. How does dog boarding work at 84 Acres?
    • At 84 Acres, dog boarding provides a comfortable and enjoyable home away from home for your furry friend. Our facility offers spacious and cozy accommodations, personalized care, and a range of activities to keep dogs happy and engaged during their stay. With our experienced and dedicated staff, we ensure that your dog receives the attention, love, and individualized care they deserve.

  2. What are the accommodation options for dogs at 84 Acres?
    • We offer a variety of accommodation options to suit the needs of different dogs. Our options include private suites for those who prefer their own space, as well as communal areas for social dogs that enjoy the company of other canines. All accommodations are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, providing a cozy environment for your dog's stay.

  3. How can I make a reservation for dog boarding?
    • Making a reservation for dog boarding at 84 Acres is simple. You can reach out to us through our website, phone, or email to check availability and provide details about your dog's stay. Our friendly staff will guide you through the reservation process and ensure that all necessary information is collected to make your dog's boarding experience seamless.

  4. What is the check-in and check-out process for dog boarding?
    • During the check-in process, you will be greeted by our staff, who will collect important information about your dog's health, dietary preferences, and any specific care instructions. We'll also discuss your dog's daily routine and preferences to ensure a comfortable stay. When it's time to check out, simply inform our staff, settle any outstanding charges, and your furry friend will be ready to go home.

  5. Are there any requirements for vaccinations or health checks before boarding?
    • Yes, for the safety of all dogs boarding with us, we require proof of up-to-date vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough). We also recommend regular flea and tick prevention. A recent health check-up is beneficial but not mandatory. These measures help maintain a healthy and secure environment for all our guests.

  6. What is the daily routine like for dogs at 84 Acres?
    • Our daily routine ensures that dogs have a structured and fulfilling experience. It includes regular feeding times, exercise and play sessions, socialization opportunities, relaxation periods, and personalized attention from our caregivers. We strive to maintain a balance between activities and downtime to cater to each dog's individual needs.

  7. Are there specific play or exercise areas for dogs at the facility?
    • Absolutely! We have dedicated play and exercise areas within our facility. Our expansive acres of land provide ample space for dogs to stretch their legs, play fetch, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll. We also offer secure, fenced-in areas for off-leash play and socialization with other compatible dogs.

  8. Will my dog receive individual attention and care during their stay?
    • Yes, your dog's well-being and happiness are our top priorities. Our experienced caregivers provide personalized attention and care to each dog. They engage in interactive play, offer belly rubs, and provide the love and affection your furry friend deserves. We strive to create a home-like environment where your dog feels safe, comfortable, and loved.

  9. Can I bring my dog's own food and belongings?
    • Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your dog's regular food to ensure consistency in their diet. It's best to pack their food in labeled, individual portions for each meal. You are also welcome to bring any bedding, toys, or comfort items that will make your dog feel more at home during their stay.

  10. How are meals provided for dogs at 84 Acres?
    • We believe in providing nutritious meals for our canine guests. Our caregivers will serve meals according to your dog's feeding schedule and dietary preferences. We can accommodate specific dietary requirements, including portion control, special diets, or medication administration. Please provide detailed instructions when making your reservation.

  11. What happens if my dog has specific dietary or medical needs?
    • At 84 Acres, we understand that some dogs may have specific dietary or medical needs. We have experienced caregivers who can accommodate such requirements. Please provide us with detailed information about your dog's needs during the reservation process, and our staff will ensure those needs are met during their stay.

  12. Are there opportunities for my dog to socialize with other dogs during their stay?
    • Yes, socialization is an important aspect of our dog boarding services. We carefully introduce dogs to each other based on temperament, size, and compatibility. We provide supervised socialization opportunities in designated areas, allowing dogs to interact, play, and make new furry friends. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of all dogs are our top priorities.

  13. How are the dogs supervised and kept safe at 84 Acres?
    • The safety and security of our canine guests are of utmost importance to us. Our facility is staffed with experienced caregivers who provide round-the-clock supervision. We have stringent safety measures in place, including secure fencing, controlled access, and surveillance systems, to ensure the well-being and safety of all dogs in our care.

  14. What happens if my dog requires medical attention during their stay?
    • In case of any medical concerns, we have protocols in place to ensure prompt and appropriate care for your dog. We have access to local veterinary services and will contact you immediately if any health issues arise. If your dog requires medication during their stay, our caregivers are trained to administer it according to your instructions.

  15. Can I visit my dog while they are boarding at 84 Acres?
    • Yes, we understand that you may want to visit your furry friend during their stay. However, we recommend limiting visits to avoid disrupting the routine and environment for other dogs. We are more than happy to provide updates and photos of your dog's stay upon request, so you can have peace of mind while they are in our care.

  16. What happens if my dog experiences anxiety or stress while boarding?
    1. We understand that some dogs may experience anxiety or stress during their stay away from home. Our caregivers are trained to recognize and address these concerns. We provide a nurturing environment, personalized attention, and engaging activities to help alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. If your dog requires extra support, we will work closely with you to find the best solutions.

  17. Is there a minimum or maximum stay requirement for dog boarding?
    • At 84 Acres, we offer flexibility in the length of your dog's stay. While there is no strict minimum or maximum stay requirement, we recommend considering the well-being and comfort of your dog. Some dogs may need time to adjust, while others may benefit from a longer stay to fully enjoy our facilities and activities. Feel free to discuss your specific needs with our staff when making a reservation.

  18. Can I make changes to my reservation or cancel it if needed?
    • We understand that plans may change, and we strive to accommodate your needs. We have a reservation policy that allows for modifications and cancellations. Please notify us as soon as possible if any changes to your reservation are required, and we will do our best to assist you.

  19. What is the pricing for dog boarding at 84 Acres?
    • Our pricing for dog boarding varies based on factors such as the size of the dog, length of stay, and any additional services requested. We offer competitive rates to ensure that our services remain accessible and affordable. For specific pricing details, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

  20. Are there any additional services or amenities available for dogs during their stay?
    • Yes, we offer additional services and amenities to enhance your dog's boarding experience. These may include extra playtime sessions, one-on-one cuddle time, grooming services, and more. We can discuss these options during the reservation process and tailor them to meet your dog's specific needs.

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