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Doggy Daycare with Shuttle Pick Up in Kingston

At 84 Acres, we've channelled our expert knowledge into creating a doggy daycare focused on fostering joy and enhancing the lives of dogs and their loved ones.


From free play and puppy socialisation to exploration tunnels, photoshoots, and a farm yard, discover the advantages of 84 Acres for your canine companion. Pick-up and drop-off services are available in Belgravia from just £25/day (min. 1 day/week).

Tried, Trusted & Experienced

License No. TR00249/A_ANIM | 5-Star Google Reviews

“Our Ollie is a very loved pup of two jet setting execs and we are grateful for 84 Acres and the care he receives when we are away. It was both heart warming and crushing to see Ollie run off and hop in the van without hesitation. A clear sign he truly loves it there”

Dawn-Marie, Holland Park

“Our dog Laika loves coming to 84 Acres - she’s excited for the day and eager to hop in the Pet Shuttle. After only a few weeks she's made many long lasting doggy friendships! It's a shame 84 Acres are only Mon-Fri as I'm sure she would chose to go everyday if she could!”

Simona, Sloane Square

“We first visited on an open day to check out the site and it’s as beautiful, green and vast as you can see on the photos! The guys were super friendly, very knowledgeable and energetic. Ever since, our dog gets picked up by the lovely Toby in West London 5 times a week, we get photos of him via whatsapp and he looks like he’s having the time of his life! It’s like doggy daycare at Hogwarts. Really brilliant.”

Tibu, Soho

“I highly recommend Toby's doggy daycare service for anyone looking for a safe and fun environment for their furry friend. Toby picks up and drops off my dog Tails, and sends me photo updates of him having a blast with the other dogs. The open space is huge and perfect for dogs to run around and play, but they also have enrichment programs to keep them mentally stimulated on rainy days or just for daily fun. If you're looking for a reliable and caring doggy daycare, look no further.”

Hamad, Knightsbridge

“Toby and the team have been fantastic with our dog Oscar. Oscar is a rescue from Bulgaria and very anxious with new people. We never anticipated that he would be able to handle daycare but after attending an open day we resolved to try. For the past few months Oscar has attended twice a week and loves it. It has been a huge help to us and has helped him in learning to trust new people!”

Luke, Nottinghill

“My pups Daisy and Poppy have an absolute blast at 84 acres. Both dogs come back happy and sleepy from a day of playing and interacting with other pups. All the staff are great and really good with both dogs who are definitely vastly different in personality.”

Charlotte, Belgravia

Your pet deserves the best!

Small Groups

Safe and Secure Space

All Day Fun and Learning

84 Acres Canine Country Club: Where Canine Bliss Awaits

A stunning 84-Acre countryside property just 55 minutes from Central London, complete with a customized doggy chalet located steps from the primary manor. 


Your precious canine will be treated to a secure and delightful haven for a day of enjoyment before being comfortably whisked back to Kingston via our luxurious pet shuttle, ensuring both their happiness and your peace of mind.


Experience the excellence that has earned us a remarkable 5-star rating on Google reviews, as we consistently exceed the expectations of both dogs and their owners.


Get in touch today to book your site tour!

Kingston Dog Owners: Discover Unmatched Canine Care

Choose us for the ultimate dog daycare experience, backed by insurance, full local authority licensing, and the highest possible rating. We provide an exceptional service starting from just £25/day – significantly below the market average and even outperforming the lowest prices around.

​We proudly employ full-sized VW Crafter LWB vans, allowing us to incorporate a double-door entry and exit system when (un)loading dogs near roadsides and provide more spacious crates for enhanced comfort during transit. We strictly adhere to a one-crate-per-dog policy, ensuring your pet's comfort and safety.​​

Choose us for the ultimate dog daycare experience, backed by insurance, full local authority licensing, and the highest possible rating. We provide an exceptional service starting from just £25/day – significantly below the market average and even outperforming the lowest prices around.

Choose us for a superior dog care experience that combines quality, affordability, and an unrivalled setting – all for the happiness and well-being of your beloved canine companion.


Enquire today.

Dog Owners in Kingston: A Stress-Free Solution for You and Your Pet

Unshackle yourself from the chains of time limitations! You can go about your day free from the guilt or worry of leaving your dog for long periods. Rest assured, your fluffy friend's needs will be met with exceptional care.

Never again worry about late nights; our convenient collection and drop-off services ensure even those with the most demanding schedules can trust their pets are never left alone for too long. 

Say goodbye to the routine task of walking and exercising your canine companion as they immerse themselves in our stimulating daycare experience, guaranteed to return home satisfied and well-exercised.

Your cherished canine will be contentedly awaiting your return, their tails wagging with gratitude, thanks to our fully insured concierge key holding service - we can collect and drop your best friend without you being at home.

Delight in an uninterrupted workspace, be it at the office or within your home, while your cherished pet indulges in a day brimming with exhilaration and lively engagement.

Your furry friend deserves only the finest!


  • Intimate groups

  • A sanctuary of safety

  • A full day of frolic and learning

The Premises

  • Sprawling 84 acres of protected open and secure land

  • Specialised outdoor enclosures with 6ft high, dig-proof fencing

  • Custom-designed, climate-controlled doggy residence - a rich and indulgent refurbished Victorian era doggy chalet just steps from the primary manor house 

  • Engaging enrichment areas and recreational activities

  • Tailor-made pet transport service

  • Expert and affectionate caregivers and chauffeurs

  • Plenty of activities to stimulate the senses

  • Private and safe facility with an industry-leading dog safe-guarding policy

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Transporting Your Dog To and From Kingston in Style and Comfort


Our Pet Shuttle service chauffeurs your dog from the hustle and bustle of Kingston to pastoral bliss with utmost safety and supreme comfort.


  • Spacious individual aluminium constructed cabins equipped with memory foam bedding and snug blankets

  • Climate-controlled interior for optimal comfort

  • Dual-door entry and exit for enhanced safety and protection

  • VW Crafter LWB (automatic) vans featuring advanced radar anti-collision technology

Contact Us

Simply complete the online form below, and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



8:30am – 5:30pm



Residents of Kingston can now treat their dogs to an exceptional countryside escapade without straying too far from the bustling city of London. Our Pet Shuttle service ensures the safe transport of your furry companions from Kingston to our sprawling 84 Acre doggy daycare facility, where they can indulge in the finest aspects of country living. Discover dedicated outdoor spaces, a temperature-controlled doggy cottage, and a wide range of activities such as invigorating paddling pools, captivating manor photoshoots, and exciting farmyard expeditions. With our team of dedicated and affectionate caregivers specializing in small group care, your pets will receive personalized attention tailored to their individual needs. While you tackle your city responsibilities, your dog will experience a marvelous day brimming with education, enjoyment, and enrichment.

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